Are you looking for trainers, coaches and consultants for your international project?

The success of your project depends on the people carrying it out. If you are currently in need of finding reliable, highly-skilled consultants to staff your international, national or local project, you might face the following challenges:

  • Identifying candidates
  • Investing time for initial interviews
  • Coordinating face-to-face meetings
  • Travel expenses for face-to-face meetings
  • Risk of choosing the wrong consultant due to time constraints
  • Understanding the local needs of your global client

Advantages of working with INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS:

We help you find the adequate resources to deliver your project in a professional and consistent way across various countries. Our global network of trainers, coaches and consultants who are used to work on international projects will simplify your search for highly skilled resources. While our consultants are experts in their fields (e.g. sales, negotiation, leadership, strategic consultation, etc.), they also have experience in working with various approaches and adapting to individual projects and customer-specific scenarios.

Working with us will:

  • Save you time to identify suitable resources
  • Facilitate your selection process
  • Allow you to find the right resource in a short time
  • Guarantee a consistent project roll-out across multiple countries
  • Minimize travel expenses for your end client as our consultants are local residents
  • Help you to overcome language barriers throughout the roll-out of your project as most of our consultants are bi- or multi-lingual
  • Stay closer to your local client and identify follow-up needs to extend your business
  • Facilitate local project management, where necessary